Computer Repairs By Library Employee Jeff Breon

SeniorNet Notes:

  • SeniorNet Council is providing this information for computer repair by a JV Brown Library employee as a service to SeniorNet members, on a trial basis.
  • Funding: Please note that the service arrangements are entirely between the employee Jeff Breon and the SeniorNet member. This is NOT a Library service. No state Library funds nor SeniorNet funds are being used to support this service.
Contacting Jeff Breon:

  • You can contact Jeff at his home phone number (570) 323-3639 , between the hours of 9 am and 9 pm, or by email at .
Jeff's Services:
  • Windows 98 (SE), 2000, XP (32 and 64), Vista (32 and 64).
  • Able to troubleshoot and repair above Operating Systems and most hardware.
  • Can work from my home (I can pick-up and return PC in users' homes) for $11 per hour (includes travel time).
  • Can work in users' homes for $17 per hour (includes travel time)
  • If I cannot fix it, they do not pay.

  • Free phone consultations up to two minutes (phone time beyond 2 minutes is $11 per hour). No guarantees about phone consultations.
  • Data migration, system cleaning, PC health checkup, upgrade suggestions/assistance, and more (in addition to trouble shooting and repair).
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