R5, Brochure Holder Details

This page shows the brochure holders that SeniorNet has in several local stores.
((List of stores is on main website page 9, Stores w/Our Brochures .

Photo 1 - Plastic brochure holder with our label.

Photo 2 - Brochure holder with brochure (1/3 folder)

Image 3 - Drawing for the label
  • This label was created using the Intaglio application on a Macintosh. 

Image 4 - The plastic brochure holder as shown in Staples online catalog.

Staples Ordering Info: (as of 4/2010)
Other Notes 
  • The Library's folding machine CAN fold them 1/3  -- as opposed to the the 1/2 fold we now use.  This would -- I believe -- give us the option of use the small Staples brochures holder,which have the advantages of:
  • 1) being cheaper (advertised at $2.99 each)
  • 2) would take up less space on stores' counters
  • A 1/3 fold of the 11" long side would make it about 3-3/4" wide, which should fit fine, since the holder says "holds brochures 4-1/4" wide -- see below image.
  • The fancy color brochure like we use now, the Library charges us $0.15 each.
  • A black and white copy of the same brochure like we use now -- Amanda tells me the Library would charge us $0.10 each.
  • A third option:   We could possibly make a simplified, one-sided brochure,  and copy it at Mail boxes etc at maybe $0.04 or $0.05 or whatever is their cheapest copying rate  (or possibly have it just printed at the Library, which might be $0.05 for just 1 side).